Total Home Solutions

Total Home Solutions

Simple. Safe. Chic. Total home solutions make your life as easy as a touch of a button

Integrated Whole House Controls

From scheduling your lights to controlling your A/C from your smartphone, full home automation is both convenient and easy to use. Integrating your home controls into one easy to use system allows you control of your home at your fingertips. Whether you’re sitting on your couch or thousands of miles away, with today’s app technology, you have constant access.

Energy Management

Having constant access to your home through wireless controls allows you to manage your energy usage at all times. Lighting control systems allow you to adjust the amount of light you use, in addition to using energy-efficient light sources. Shading solutions improve your energy efficiency by reducing heating and cooling costs. And remote temperature controls tie all of those together seamlessly completing your full home energy management, whether you are home or away.

Climate Control

Surviving the Florida heat requires a dependable heating and cooling system, with emphasis on the cooling part. Make escaping the Florida heat a bit easier with a temperature control system and ensure your home is as comfortable as you want it to be when you get there. Not only are you able to set a program for the entire day, you can update and change the settings from your smartphone or tablet. Integrating temperature control with your home automation system also allows you to analyze your overall usage giving you full access to your home’s energy management.

Network / WIFI

No SmartHouse would be complete without a reliable, high-quality network. It is the backbone in your home automation system. Not only does it allow you to access the internet, it is how you communicate with your devices, and how your devices communicate with each other. Your home network also delivers all of your television, telephone, and audio services to their designated appliances.

Lighting Design / Control

Whether indoor or outdoor, lighting is all about creating the right ambiance. Lighting control systems are designed to adapt your lighting to your needs. With preset lighting scenes, you can create a perfectly lit environment for whatever mood you are looking for, with the touch of a single button. Integrating your lighting control reduces eyesores on your walls by centralizing multiple switches into a master keypad, which can also be controlled remotely from your smartphone and/or tablet.


Do you love waking up to the sun peeking through your windows as it rises? Or the exact opposite? Integrated shading solutions can do either, or even both. Programmable to your lighting system, motorized shades can be used to provide as much or as little natural light as you desire, in addition to helping control your energy usage. Shades come in a variety of different types, finishes, and fabrics to fit every décor.

Smarthouse Integration