Creating the Ultimate Smart Home in 2020: New Trends to Look For

ultimate smart home

Homes that adjust the lighting depending on the time of day. Blinds that draw with a voice command. Robot house assistants.

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi cartoon. However, some of these home automation technologies are already here, and some of it is on its way.

Here are some trends to look for when you’re creating your ultimate smart home heading into the new year…

Lighting That Mimics Sunlight

There’s already lighting that knows when a person is in the room or not, and turns on accordingly. But the coming year could see a new advance in home lighting.

Specifically, experts are talking about human-centric lighting that mimics sunlight more accurately, which could benefit people with seasonal depressive disorder. But it doesn’t stop there – this high-tech indoor lighting might even follow the path of the sun throughout the day.

This could also mean lighting that has less blue in it during the evening hours, which can disrupt sleep patterns.

More Robotic Help

We already have robots that do our floor cleaning for us. But look for an extension of this heading into 2020, including lawnmowers that can navigate your property on their own.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As artificial intelligence gets more advanced, you might see more and more robots completing tasks that were once up to you to worry about.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll soon have a robotic assistant that makes breakfast for you in the morning or entertains you.

Fewer Wires, Better Wireless

On one hand, there are smart charging solutions available that don’t require you to plug in your wireless device to charge. There’s already technology that allows a device to get powered up from across the room using invisible beams.

Meanwhile, the 5G network is being rolled out to make devices communicate with each other more easily, while also speeding up the connection.

Assisting With Independence

New smart home products can possibly help seniors live independently in their homes longer. One of the technologies already on the market is an automated dispenser of medication that knows when and how much medicine to deliver.

Seniors can also benefit from the many features of a home that can be automated with voice command, such as closing blinds, turning off music or lights, and adjusting the thermostat.

Smart thermostats can also automatically adjust the temperature for the time of day while helping to save money in utilities for those on a fixed income.

Speaking of thermostats, another emerging technology is home zoning that can adjust the temperature of different rooms independently.

Create The Ultimate Smart Home in 2020

As technology increases, so does home automation. Homes of the future (and some of them now) will be able to be controlled by simple voice commands, and more devices will do things automatically thanks to advances in artificial intelligence.

If you’re looking for some ultimate smart home solutions to bring your house or apartment to the next level, be sure to contact us.



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