Smart Homes of the Future: Smart Home Technology Predictions to Know

smart homes of the future

Experts believe that the smart home industry will grow from a $4.4 billion industry in 2013 to a $21 billion industry in 2020.

To understand this growth, it’s important to know what the future of home tech holds.

Let’s take a look at some predictions to see what smart homes of the future will look like.

Great Expectations For Smart Homes of the Future

Looking at where smart homes started and how far they’ve come helps us gauge their future.

So what is going to happen with the future of smart home technology?

Homeowners can see who is at their front door while they’re at work, turn lights on and off, play background music, lower and open blinds, and more.

There are already garages that start the charging process when you drive your electric vehicle in. Imagine what the future is going to hold for your smart home technology.

Perhaps your garage door and the front gate will recognize your vehicle as it drives up through number plate recognition technology, allowing only authorized vehicles to enter the premises.

Smart homes of the future are going to be more advanced when it comes to security.

Whole-Home Integration

High-end smart homeowners can schedule their lights to turn on and off on command via their smartphones, control their air conditioning, and more. Homeowners have this control with the simple tap of a finger, whether they’re in their home or on the other side of the world.

The idea behind a smart home of the future is to have an entire home that operates as one eco-system.

An integrated smart home will have the ability to make assumptions based on the residents’ behavior and preferences.

Future smart homes will use facial recognition on visitors who arrive on your doorstep for added security.

Each room will detect a person entering a room and switch on the heating or the cooling system. Lights will turn on or off depending on the time of day and whether someone is in the room. These features will save you money on utility bills and lower your environmental footprint.

Your home entertainment system will get to know your viewing habits and pre-download viewing preferences before you type shows in the search bar while looking for something to watch.

Smart Home Maintenance

Your smart home will soon be able to monitor your home’s maintenance. Imagine your home telling you that your air conditioning system needs maintenance before the problem arises.

Through the monitoring of sounds on certain frequencies, your smart home might be able to tell you if an appliance is drawing too much power or damaged. Your smart home will also help you keep your power bill to a minimum through appliance usage analysis and reporting.

Smarthome Integration is the Future

Smart homes of the future are right around the corner.

The one thing we’re sure of is that smart home technology is going to be fully integrated. All parts of your home will work together to create a more relaxing and convenient home life.

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