Diving Into Some Of Today’s Top Home Automation Products

home automation products

When was the last time you switched on the kettle or the oven with your own hands? probably very recently but all that could be about to change. The future is here. Many home automation products are changing the way we live our lives for the better.

From the comfort of our smartphones or even our voice assistants, we can control our entire homes and now even our kitchens to make our lives that little bit easier.

Here are some of the smart home products you should look out for.

Smart Ovens

Did you know it’s now possible to set your oven from the palm of your hand? Ovens are now app-based appliances. You can amend the temperature, setting and get notified when your food is cooked.

Some more expensive smart ovens also include internal cameras so you don’t even have to enter the kitchen and poke your head in to check up on your food. Many machines can sit on the counter but if you want a full-size oven then you may need to have it professionally installed into your kitchen cabinet.

Smart Locks

In 10 years traditional locks will be a thing of the past. There is no need to worry about losing your keys any longer, now smart locks enable you to use your smartphone or fingerprint to access your front door or even the individual rooms in your house.

This means if you are ever away from your house and someone needs to get in you can temporarily grant them access from further afield.

If you combine a smart lock with a smart camera system you can also check who is entering your house and if you see it’s a neighbor or someone you trust, you can let them in, wherever you are in the world.

Smart Kettles

Do you get bored of having to continuously wait for your kettle to boil? Then don’t despair you can now boil your kettle when you know you are five minutes from home so that it’s ready and waiting for you when you get in.

You can use either an app your smartphone or if you have a smart home system integrated into your smart assistant and everything set up you can ask it to boil your kettle for you.

Smart Light Bulbs

Have you ever left the house and worried that you’ve left some of the lights on? You don’t need to look like a madman to all of your neighbors now as you lock-up and then have to unlock your front door to double-check you’ve turned everything off.

A simple tap on your smartphone app will ensure that all of your smart light bulbs are off. Equally, if you also have a smart camera system set up you can activate the lights in your home to make it look as if someone is home if you spot someone suspicious lurking.

Smart lighting that mimics sunlight is set to be one of the key smart home trends in 2020.

Home Automation Products Are The Future

From smart light bulbs to smart kettles that you can fill up remotely, smart home products will soon be present in everyone’s homes. It’s even possible to turn 500-year-old homes into smart homes

If you are interested in having your entire house wired up with the greatest and latest home automation products, hassle-free, then be sure to contact us today.



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