The 5 Best Home Automation Systems

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Over 60 million properties in the U.S. will be labeled “smart homes” by the year 2022. But our homes have a much greater capacity for technological innovation than simply asking Alexa to play some music. So how can you take your home automation to the next level? And what are the best home automation hubs available?

From security to entertainment, to your home office, there are so many options for making your house more efficient. Read on to find out more!

1. Whole House Audio

Upgrade your Amazon Echo or Google Nest speaker by installing a central audio control for your home. You’ll be able to control exactly which rooms are playing the same music (or any audio at all) while keeping your speakers out of sight.

You can control your audio system wirelessly, and wander from room to room without missing a beat. What’s more, this can be applied to video too!

2. Integrated Security

Whether you’re on vacation or simply out for dinner, you can rest easy knowing your automated home security system is keeping you and your home safe. Our monitoring center offers protection 24/7.

Install a variety of devices, including touch panels, keypads, and discreet CCTV to keep your home totally secure. You can playback recordings from your phone or computer to check any time what’s going on in and around your property.

3. Climate Control

Now more than ever we need to make sure we’re not wasting energy by needlessly heating and cooling our home. With Florida’s temperamental weather conditions this could be challenging, but our climate control system makes it easy.

Adjust your AC remotely, set a program for the upcoming day, and personalize the settings for every room in your house. This way you’re in complete control of the temperature of your home, while also doing your bit for the environment.

4. LED Landscape Lighting

Utilize LED landscape lighting to highlight the most stunning features of your home. Whether that’s an infinity pool or a luxurious driveway, landscape lighting provides a warm yet chic ambiance to your home.

You can link the controls to your phone or tablet via WiFi, or simply program them to turn off and on according to daylight hours. This way you’ll have a smart garden to accompany your smart home.

5. Home Office Upgrade

The final home automation feature you need is to enhance your home office technology and security. With more and more meetings taking place at home in the era of Covid-19, now is the right time to invest in your home office.

Our H.O.P.E program allows business owners to stay competitive with advanced network capacity and first-rate power management.

Now You Can Achieve Home Automation Perfection

We’ve now covered five of the top home automation features you should be considering. It’s time to make use of the incredible technological advances available to us and create a smart, sophisticated, and secure home.

SmartHouse Integration is a certified dealer and multiple award-winner with over 20 years of experience making houses more intelligent.

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