How Does Lighting Impact Circadian Rhythm? Light, Darkness, and Your Sleep Cycle

lighting and circadian rhythm

You want a seamless morning routine.

From the moment your head hits the pillow until you wake up, you want a home system that fits into the start of your day.

Perhaps you wake up to an alarm. But that’s a jarring start to your day, even for those of us who are morning people.

And, it’s an unnatural start to your day, morning person or not.

The best way to naturally start your day is by using the connection between lighting and circadian rhythm.

Lighting and Circadian Rhythm: How Are They Related?

We all have a biological cycle, called a circadian rhythm, which affects our sleep patterns through a series of factors. Some affected aspects of our natural cycle are explained below, and how you can make your morning routine fit with your sleep cycle, using the science of in-home technology.


The more we are exposed to light, the more alert we become–to a certain extent.

Eventually, prolonged exposure to any form of light will not be enough to suppress melatonin release, a neurochemical which encourages sleepiness.

Our bodies need rest, even with light exposure, but certain forms of light disrupt our natural processes.

Artificial light, which we expose ourselves to most during our the most light-sensitive portion of our circadian rhythm in the evening, is suspected to interfere with our natural cycle.

Mostly, existing data concludes that too much artificial light makes it harder to fall asleep, rest well, and wake up the next morning.

If you haven’t experienced this, consider yourself one of the lucky few.

If you’re like most of us and have experienced this, you’re probably wondering if there’s a solution.

There is! Your answer to a good night’s sleep lies in…

Smart Home Technology Trends

Home automation ideas are cutting edge and are a great solution to today’s ever-customizable culture. Smart home automation incorporates technology into various aspects of your home.

Who doesn’t want a home built for their specific needs?

SmartHouse Integration can meet those needs. They offer top of the line service for smart home technology trends, including a solution for your sleep and morning wake up.

If You Want Some Shut Eye…

Look no further than SmartHouse Integration’s various solutions for solving your lighting and circadian rhythm problems.

We offer all sorts of services and products, including automatic shades which you can program to open and close at variable times.

Of course, there’s a gradual turning on of lights to the optimal brightness to send your body the right signals and have you performing at your best throughout the day.

By the day’s end, you’ll want lighting adjusted to the right warmth. With blue light filtered out so that you have no trouble falling asleep–and getting a good night’s rest.

You can customize all of these and more if you turn to SmartHome Integration. They’ll be sure to take care of all your smart home automation, simply and with great service.

You’ll have a good night’s sleep sooner than you think!

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