How Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Helps Seniors Be Truly Independent

Ambient Assisted Living

Aging in their own home is important for many seniors. For loved ones, respecting their wishes must be balanced with safety concerns.

Technology, through ambient assisted living, helps seniors remain in place while providing assurances to their loved ones that they are safe.

Read on to learn of the many ways AAL can provide a safer home environment.

What is Ambient Assisted Living?

The integration of technology into everyday life has changed the way day-to-day life functions. Some people consider this a negative, and not all advances are improvements.

Ambient Assisted Living offers many benefits with no real drawbacks. It uses smart devices, medical sensors, and software applications to make aging in place a reality for today’s seniors.

The ability to hold on to independence is important for seniors. Allowed to age in place, many older adults maintain mobility well into their senior years. Helping your loved ones stay in their home is a proven step toward happier and longer golden years.

How Technology Helps

Technology has progressed rapidly from medical sensors worn by the elderly. These sensors are used to call for help in the event of a fall or other emergency. While they still have their place, AAL has many other components.

It is easy to keep the home comfortable with a smart thermostat. You can check the temperature in the home via an app. This ensures your loved one is comfortable during extreme weather.

You can program smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to provide voice instructions. You can also program them to flash household lights when triggered, which is helpful for those with hearing loss.

As long as you download the app, you will receive information if the alarm activates. The app may provide additional information. You may be able to see if the alarm is due to smoke or carbon monoxide, and the specific alarm that triggered activation.

ALL technology allows you to program lights to come on and off in response to motion. This prevents stumbling to the bathroom in the dark. A smart stove allows you to check that burners are turned off through a downloaded app.

Keep your loved one safe by adding a video doorbell, smart locks, and smart lights around the exterior of the home.

Medical Sensors Are Still Important

Medical sensors have their place in the ALL-enabled home. Monitoring the home for safe conditions is important, but your loved one could slip unexpectedly and need help even in the safest situation.

Smart home integration should include a personal emergency response system that allows your loved one to automatically connect with you, another chosen individual, or emergency services at the touch of a button.

To work, the individual must keep their medical sensor with them and be able to use it. If you anticipate trouble with compliance or want to keep a closer eye on things, monitoring services provide around-the-clock peace of mind.

Security Is a Click Away

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