Let SmartHouse Integration Bring Automation and Innovation to Your Home

Sep 16, 2021 | Smarthouse Blog

A smart house, where technology can be used to perform household tasks, is no longer something out of a science fiction movie. Homeowners and apartment dwellers alike have access to quick and easy devices and apps that allow them to control tasks with the click of a button. Seeing who is at your doorstep or what your dog is doing while you are away is now a possibility for most people.

Smart Houses Are Finally a Real Thing

With the science of smart technology in place, it did not take long for that science to expand the possibilities for high-end homeowners who want to access the best that technology has to offer. They want to have a fully integrated smart home where life is made simpler. It is no longer about plugging in a device. It is about designing a house that flows with ease due to the technology within it. Modern homeowners want the ability to hook up their smart devices in order to make daily tasks that much more convenient.

What Can You Do In a Smart House?

A smart house provides several offerings to homeowners. To name a few things: increased security, climate control, lighting, shades, and network/WiFi — and it can all be controlled from a master dashboard on your phone or tablet. Plus, customizability is a major feature of smart houses. Each of these pieces can be customized to your needs and specifications. The main benefit offered is the ability to map out your wants and needs and then orchestrate a plan to make that happen. In other words, you can design the technologically advanced home you’ve always dreamed of, right down to the automated toaster.

Integrating smart devices helps secure your home in addition to making things more convenient. You can connect a smartphone to a home camera wirelessly, allowing homeowners to monitor things when away at work or on a trip. Being notified of when an alarm goes off, knowing who is in your home, and more helps keep things secure.

Install Premium Entertainment Technology In Your Living Room

You can deck your smart house out with premium speaker systems from Bang & Olufsen, the acclaimed Danish audio company. Once you’re surrounded by high-quality surround-sound cinema speakers, movie nights at home are about to feel like you went to the theatre. When it comes to security, a fully connected smart house can use advanced automation interfaces like ELAN, which lets you hook up audiovisual devices to your smartphone, TV, or tablet so that you always know what’s happening inside your home. You can turn them on and off remotely and even take advantage of Numera Libris, a mobile personal emergency response system for when something’s gone wrong and you need help.

At the end of the day, having a smart house means you’re only limited by what your imagination can come up with. If you’re curious to find out what else you can get out of a smart house, contact us.

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