8 Perfect Ways Smart Blinds Will Benefit Your Home Building Project

Jun 28, 2021 | Design

As smart homes are becoming increasingly popular, one feature on the rise is automated shades. This automated shading, also known as smart blinds, is an easy and convenient way to control your home and save energy. In fact, there are over 40 million smart homes in the United States, many of which utilize smart blinds.

Do you want to learn more about smart window blinds and their benefits? Keep reading this article to see how they can help your home building project!

1. Keeps Your Home Safe

One of the biggest benefits of having smart window blinds is that they keep your home safe in many different ways.

First, it can protect your home from burglary. Burglars often try to access your home while you are on vacation or out of town. However, when you have smart blinds, you can access the controls from wherever you are.

This means that you can open your blinds during the day and close them at night, giving the appearance that someone is home.

Another way that your home is safer with smart shades is that they can keep your children safe! Blind cords are very dangerous for children. In fact, in a span of 26 years, about 17,000 children were in the emergency room from injuries related to window blinds.

Because automated shades don’t have cords, they can prevent this from happening to your children.

2. Protects Privacy

Another benefit of these shades is that they protect your privacy. Especially when you live in an apartment complex or where you have neighbors who can see into your home, smart blinds are a great way to keep your home private.

You can time your blinds to shut at night to prevent people from seeing into your home or you can even close your blinds when you or your children get home from work or school.

If privacy is important to you, smart blinds can help you!

3. Convenient

One of the biggest benefits of having automated shading is that it is convenient. Especially when you live in a home with many windows and shades, it can take a long time to open and close each of your blinds each day.

With smart blinds, you can automatically have each set of shades in your home open and close whenever you want!

They are also more convenient because many models allow you to automate when you want your blinds opened and closed. This means they can automatically open in the mornings and automatically close when it starts to get dark.

You can even control them with the simple push of a button on your smartphone or by using your smart assistant. If you want a convenient way to keep your home running, these are great options!

4. Saves Energy

Smart blinds can also save you money on your energy bills. For example, some models can be set to automatically close when they sense intense heat from the sun. This can prevent your home from getting too hot and will take less energy to keep it cool in the summer.

5. Works With Other Aspects of Your Smart Home

If you have other smart home features in your house, adding smart blinds is an easy way to integrate these features. For example, if you have a smart thermostat in your home, the integration with your smart blinds can help determine when you should open or close your blinds.

This can help maintain the temperature of your home!

You can also integrate your smart blinds with your smart assistants. For example, you can simply tell them to open or close your blinds. This integration makes it easier than ever to open and close your blinds!

6. Protects Furniture

You can also protect your furniture inside your home when you have automated shades. If you have frequent and direct sun exposure on your furniture and decor, it can cause many issues! It can fade and discolor your furniture and may cause it to wear out more quickly.

When you have motorized window blinds, you can have them automatically close when sun exposure is at its peak to prevent the items inside your home from sun damage and fading.

7. Improves Sleep Quality

When you struggle with getting good sleep, there are many things that can help, including automated shades. They can be light-blocking to allow you to sleep in a darker room, rather than having to buy blackout curtains.

Not only can they help you fall asleep, but these blinds can also help you wake up naturally! If you set them to open in the early morning, you can wake up slowly as the sun rises and shines into your room.

This can help you sleep better and more peacefully.

8. Increases Home Value

Finally, adding smart home solutions can make your home worth more if you decide to sell. While each smart home feature can add different amounts of value, these smart shades are sure to be a good selling point for potential buyers!

Find Smart Blinds Today!

Smart blinds are a great investment for any home. Not only can they save energy and money in the long run, but they can also protect your home, your privacy, and even increase your home value. If you want to include automated shading in your home building project, it is vital that you find a reliable company to help.

SmartHouse Integration can help you with any of your smart home needs, including automated shades. If you want to learn more about our products and services, have any other questions, or want to learn more about the benefits of smart shades, contact our team today!

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