Premium Sound Systems as Part of Home Automation

Aug 12, 2021 | Design

Are you considering upgrading your whole-house sound system? Like any other technology, sound systems become increasingly advanced as time goes on. In a contemporary automated home, a premium sound system is essential.

Here we consider the added benefits that a sound system as part of your home automation can bring, as well as identify the best manufacturers when it comes to high-quality, whole-house sound.

Remotely Controlled Sound System

Your smartphone, PC, or tablet could be used to control every aspect of the sound in your home. Whether you want to switch tunes, alter the volume, or enhance the bass, with a whole-house system, all the alterations to your sound can be completed on a device. It’s also possible to control your sound system when you’re on the move – if you want a specific tune playing when you arrive home, you can use your smartphone to adjust your home sound system wherever you are.

The Same Music in Every Room

Particularly when you’re entertaining, having the same tune playing in each room lets you set the party ambiance quickly and easily. With a high-grade system, the speakers are carefully placed in each room to get optimal results – this ensures great sound in every room.

Different Tunes in Each Room

If the children want one sort of music whilst you prefer the news or a different genre, an in-house system can accommodate your needs.

No Wires or Mess

Whole-house systems that are installed as part of an automated home are carefully installed in each room. Any wires or cables are concealed, and the speakers are often set into the walls to reduce clutter. The result is an awesome sound that plays as if by magic!

The inconspicuous nature of an automated, whole-house system makes it a perfect solution for beautifully decorated period properties, or minimalist interiors where tech needs to work perfectly, but invisibly.

Have Access to an Enormous Collection of Music

Using a high-quality sound system gives you access to a range of different streaming options, as well as the chance to stream the radio, a movie, or television. If you want a particular recording of a piece, you can usually get it using Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Deezer, or a similar option.

Settle for the Best

As authorized dealers for Bang & Olufsen, Smarthouse Integration have a good appreciation of the difference a premium sound system can make. We believe Bang & Olufsen provides a sound system of impeccable quality, that can be tailored to suit the needs of any home.

Contact us to find out more about the advantages a top-grade, whole-house sound system can bring to your automated home.

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