H.O.P.E. (Home Office Preparation Executive) Program

SmartHouse Integration Offers H.O.P.E to Sarasota Area Home-Based Businesses Affected by The Coronavirus

New Home Office Preparation Executive program empowers small business owners to remain competitive and productive.

HOPE Hotline 800.351.6191

Leveraging its classification last week as an essential critical infrastructure company by the United States government, SmartHouse Integration today began offering H.O.P.E. to home based small business owners who are now being challenged to upgrade their technology infrastructure to remain competitive and productive during the coronavirus pandemic.

“As an essential critical infrastructure company, SmartHouse Integration is not only allowed to keep operating as usual, it has a mandate to help small business owners in our market area to upgrade their entire home network to remain competitive,” explained SmartHouse President Mark van den Broek. “Most home networks are not prepared for the increased level of traffic they are now experiencing. Our Home Office Preparation Executive program upgrades networks and systems, installs and maintains security systems, provides a virtual technician to monitor, troubleshoot and resolve issues remotely.”

In short, H.O.P.E. is a comprehensive, turnkey program that addresses a home’s networks, security, surveillance, power management, cellular back-up and battery back-up.

Van den Broek explained that, with entire families now working and going to school from home, the existing home technology infrastructure simply will not, in many cases, be able to keep up with the many multiple streaming devices operating around the clock.

“The H.O.P.E. program tests the reliability of the current network, the Wi-Fi coverage area and the speed of the network — and provides the corrective steps necessary to upgrade the technology backbone of the house,” he explained.

Van den Broek sees a lasting impact of the coronavirus on the way home based businesses will operate once the pandemic passes. “The Coronavirus is a shot across the bow for small business owners and homeowners,” he asserted. “This virus will pass but we need to be prepared for the next one and putting the right technology infrastructure in place now will save a lot of time and lost productivity when the next threat arrives.”

For more information about the SmartHouse H.O.P.E. program call the SmartHouse emergency telephone number that has been set up: (800) 351.6191 or go to hope@smarthouseintegration.com.

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