The best home entertainment results from the combination of design, quality, and experience. While quality products are a key component, integrating those products into your space and the know-how to do so all play a factor. Your home is unique, so the design and calibration of your entertainment to fit your home is important as well.

Whole House Audio / Video

For your ultimate listening and viewing pleasure, integrate audio and video throughout your home and property. Centralizing your audio and video components puts everything in one location, out of plain sight, and allows you to distribute sound and video to as many or as few rooms as you choose.

Home Theater

If you want a room designed specifically to give you a true cinematic experience without leaving your own home, a dedicated home theater may be your answer. Home theater rooms allow for special treatment of the acoustics to isolate outside noise and optimize audio through measured speaker placement. The rooms are engineered to create the environments intended by films’ creators; the acoustics, seating, and projection and audio systems are all set to match the specifications of private Hollywood screening rooms.

Media / Game Rooms

Even if you don’t have a dedicated home theater room, you can still get invigorating audio and video. Media and Game rooms are designed to be used for many purposes, and can be created from almost any room. You could go from a formal living room to a full audio/video/surround sound experience with the touch of a button. Modern engineering has created many ways to conceal and hide your audio/video equipment so your home décor is unaffected.

Custom Furniture & Cabinetry

Most rooms look great with a nice, clean flat screen hanging on the wall, however it may not fit with the look you are going for. If you want the full audio/video experience without the equipment eyesore, hide the equipment in plain sight. Custom furniture and cabinetry is designed to contain your equipment without interrupting the flow of your room. Push a button and watch your TV emerge from your coffee table or from behind your favorite painting. Contact Us and we will help you determine the best solution to fit your home.

Outdoor Audio / Video

For your ultimate listening and viewing pleasure, don’t forget to integrate your outdoor areas in your audio / video design. Weather-resistant electronics have been available for years, but much has improved over the years. Watch a movie on your outdoor TV from your pool or just jam out to your favorite tunes; rock speakers and hidden in-ground subwoofers concealed in your landscaping provide remarkably consistent audio coverage throughout your property. Outdoor entertaining can be as easy as a touch of a button when incorporated into your home’s automation.

LED Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting design focuses on illuminating of your property’s best features. The use of low voltage systems makes it safe and affordable, but landscape lighting is more than just picking the right lighting equipment, it is an art. Lighting is all about creating the right ambiance for you.

Recreational Vehicles

Turn your boat or RV into a true home away from home by making it a SmartHouse too. We can apply the same concepts to your mobile home as we do your immobile one. We can do as much or as little as you’d like, everything from a full home theater, to security and camera systems, to automation and lighting control; just Contact Us and our design team will work with you to create the best package to fit your needs.

Smarthouse Integration