Technology is prevalent and necessary these days. Integrating the technology throughout your facility, and in your boardrooms and conference rooms, simplifies the system, making it more user friendly for everyone. A quality, reliable network is business critical, and system integration only facilitates fast, efficient service if any issues do arise, meaning less down time. Automation of your lighting control with occupancy sensors will cut down on your overall energy usage. Let us help you with your energy management for your LEED or other “green” initiative with our lighting and control systems. Contact Us to schedule your consultation today.

Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs)

Ensure your new residents have everything they need with a full building prewire. Incorporating a comprehensive infrastructure into your building plans only adds to your selling points. Additionally, common area amenities may include WIFI access, media rooms, or audio distribution throughout. New or existing structures alike, just let us know what you want and we will create a custom solution for your property. Please Contact Us for a consultation today.


Technology has a vast number of uses in retail applications. Depending on your needs, we will design your system accordingly to fit your particular style. Attract potential customers by showcasing feature items using A/V displays and special lighting designs. Stay on top of your energy management with automation and lighting control. Even take your Point of Sale system mobile using storewide tablets and WIFI. The possibilities are endless. Contact Us to see how to make your business a smart-store with SmartHouse.

Conference Rooms

Bring all of your network capabilities into your conference rooms using integrated systems. SmartHouse control systems allow you to control all of your electronic equipment from onecentral location. The use of video and audio conferencing in today’s workplace is one of the keys of doing business; it makes collaboration from around the world at the same time possible. If you are in need of a technologically sound conference room, Contact Us to schedule your consultation today.