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The Alarming Science Behind Sunrise Alarm Clocks

With all the smart home options available to today’s consumers, sometimes you want a natural solution to wake you up in the morning. Sunrise alarm clock lets you avoid harsh klaxons and beeps, allowing you to wake up naturally. To learn more about why sunrise alarm clocks are the right choice to help start your morning, check out this helpful guide!

How Sunrise Alarm Clocks Work

Due to seasonal change or how whether your bedroom has a window to open, it can be challenging to have a consistent level of light to wake you up. Sunrise alarm clocks provide a consistent level of light all year round, and can even sync to your smart home to mimic the current season.

By providing an increasing level of light, sunrise alarm clocks wake you up by recreating the effects of natural sunlight. By increasing the level of light over a thirty to forty minute period, you can wake up easily. Some clocks can be adjusted between fifteen minutes to an hour.

Most people fall asleep when it gets dark and wake up when it gets light. Exposure to light triggers the body’s alert sensor inhibits the flow of melatonin. By keeping your sleep and wake schedule to coincide with a natural program, you are putting the least amount of stress on your circadian rhythm.

Why You Should Get a Sunrise Alarm Clock

If you have trouble waking ups in the morning or you find that regular alarms are not working as they should, your body clock might be running out of synch. There are several environmental and social cues, also known as zeitgebers, capable of impacting our internal clocks. These factors can include levels of exercise, eating habits, and light exposure, all of which can affect your quality of sleep.

Light exposure, in particular, can help or hinder your ability to sleep, especially when it comes to getting up or falling asleep. Waking up in a dark room signals to your brain that it’s still night, which keeps your mind from activating.

By opening your windows and letting the light in, you help your brain reinforce that it’s time to get up and start your day. While artificial light is not as good as the real thing, sunrise alarm clocks help your body and mind to simulate a natural sleep cycle. There are also several different lighting options to help you wake up with either a yellow or white full-spectrum bulb. 

Alarm clocks that rely on sound not only give you an unnecessarily harsh wakeup, but it can also get you into a lot of trouble. Most snooze buttons only last five minutes or so, which means that you can forget you even woke up in the first place. Should you accidentally unplug or break your alarm clock, you could oversleep and be late to work.

Rise with the Sun

If you want your smart home to give you the best wakeup you’ve ever had, make sure to incorporate your sunrise alarm clock. To learn more about making your smart home even smarter, Contact Us today!

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5 Brilliant Home Automation Ideas You Need to Know

Thanks to automation devices like Alexa becoming more proficient and accessible, turning your house into a smart house easier than ever.

There are so many awesome features and ways to take your house to the next level.

Here are five cool and totally useful home automation ideas you can use to make your life at home a little safer and easier. 

Up and at ‘Em:

If hitting snooze over and over on your alarm is an issue for you, why not think about setting up a smart alarm?

Instead of simply being about to push a button or tap your phone for an extra 5 minutes in the morning, make it so you have to scan a tag or enter a code to turn off the beeping. Just make sure the keypad or tag isn’t in arms reach.

Both the kitchen by the coffee pot or in the bathroom are clever places to place the off switch for the alarm to be. After all, those are the two most likely places you’ll head once you wake up.

A Little Help with the Housework:

Smart appliances can be a great way to keep on top of your housework. Imagine getting a text to let you know your laundry is done or setting a cycle from your phone while you’re at work. Get reminders to take out the trash so you never miss another trash day again.

You can even set up notifications to remind you to change the batteries on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. This is a great way to make sure you never forget or get to the point where they start beeping to let you know they need a recharge.

Who’s There:

With video doorbells, you can check out who is at your front door no matter where you are. There are a number of models available, some even with motion sensors, which let you monitor who is at your door, even if you aren’t home.

However, it isn’t just the doorbell that can alert you when someone is going near your safe, wandering around the backyard, or just fiddling with back or side doors. CCTV is a great way to record who is there and keep your house safe.

Light Up:

Smart lighting can also be a great way to help keep you and your house safe.

Whether you have designed a fantastic range of great mood lighting for both your indoor and outdoor living spaces or you want to make it look like someone’s home, smart lighting is a great option. 

Much like everything else on this list, your lighting schemes can be controlled by your phone or a special remote. So, no more fumbling in the dark for a light switch in the garage or having the house look empty when you’re on holiday. 

More Home Automation Ideas:

There are way more fun and great ways to use your smart devices to get your dream house.

Some other great home automation ideas can range from climate control for your house to getting notified when there is a leaky or water damage. Having a smart house can help you have a house of the future while also protecting it in the present.

For more ideas on how to update your house, check out our blog. It is full of useful hints and tips on how to create and maintain your dream smart house.

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