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Everything to Look For in a Home Security System Design

Over 1 million burglaries happen in the United States a year. With 75% of homeowners not having a security system, many homes are left unprotected from invaders. Adding a security system to your home can help keep your family safe and your home secure.

Many wealthy homeowners fail to protect their valuables by not opting to purchase an security system because they believe their neighborhood is a safe place. In reality, upper-class neighborhoods are often targets for home invasions. Home intruders recognize that wealthy neighborhoods are stocked full of expensive homes.

In recent years home security systems have become more customizable. Due to the versatility of many home security systems, you can customize your home security design to your needs.

Benefits of a Home Security System

A home security system can help grant you peace of mind. Home security systems will also notify emergency services immediately if there is an alarm sounded. This fast notification can help improve emergency response time and even be helpful in medical emergencies.

Many home security systems now come equipped with a whole line of compatible accessories. Customized security systems allow you to control the overall costs and build out a more robust system over time. Protect your home with a high-quality security system.

Security System Features to Look For

Investing in a home security system is important. When you are shopping for home security, it is important to look for a security system that has all of the following security system features.

Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation allows users to sync their home appliances to a singular digital platform. By adding smart technology to your home you can also improve the value and functionality of your home. Smart home automation also allows you to synchronize multiple security devices.

When you are shopping for a home security system you should select software that is compatible with all of the security accessories. Being able to control all of the accessories remotely is extremely beneficial.

Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras are known to decrease neighborhood crime rates. By collecting witness testimony and keeping a recording of the street. These cameras are able to help put criminals away and deter criminal activity.

Video Doorbell Controls

Video doorbell controls will allow you to see who is at the door before opening it. This feature is particularly helpful if you aren’t home. Being able to see who came by when you are gone will be a powerful feature of a home security system.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are able to alert you when there is unsuspected motion activity. Motion sensors can add an additive sense of reliability to your home security system. These sensors will give you mobile access to the live feed of your home when motion is detected.

You can set your motion sensors to pick up doors and windows opening to alert you to intruders. This is also helpful for you to give evidence to the police in the case of a break-in. You can even place interior motion sensors to protect your more expensive items and belongings.

Find the Perfect Home Security Design

Making it harder to break is the best way to prevent burglary and keep your home and valuables secure. Safety is always a wise investment. By adding a home security system, you can feel reaffirmed that your property is protected.

Connect with us to find the perfect home security design for your house.

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choosing home security cameras

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Home Security Cameras

Several studies have documented lower incidents of crime in homes and businesses that employ security cameras, especially when those devices are coupled with other proven security steps.

Security cameras may not deter 100% of crime, but they can significantly make your home safer.

Choosing home security cameras should be a top priority for homeowners. But what factors should homeowners consider before making a purchase?

In this article, we’ll explore indoor and outdoor cameras while explaining the top 5 factors that you should keep in mind when choosing cameras for your home.

Are You Looking for Discreet or Public Cameras?

One of the most important factors to consider when picking locations for cameras is whether you want the camera to be visible or not. Cameras are often most effective when they are placed out in plain sight.

There are times, though, when you may want to conceal your camera. If you are trying to catch someone in the act, a concealed camera may be your best option when choosing a security system.

Indoors or Outdoors

Manufacturers weatherize outdoor cameras to protect them from rain and the elements. The custom housing that holds a camera can work in different conditions. Environments could range from cold climates or indoors in a kitchen where smoke and grease splatter may be a factor.

How High a Resolution Do You Need?

If you are comparing camera prices, you have probably noticed that higher resolution cameras often come with bigger price tags.

If you are having to cover a large area, better clarity will allow your camera to deliver quality images when zooming in. If you are covering a smaller space, resolution may not be as big of an issue since the objects being watched will be relatively close to the camera.

Do You Need Audio?

Audio can be an important component when shopping around for security camera features. Audio is more than a recording option.

Integrated audio allows personnel to hear and speak with individuals who are on your property. Audio can even be used to activate video monitoring.

Do You Want to Integrate Your Security?

At Smart House Integration, we specialize in integrating home security into other features of your home that you can manage from your smartphone. As a leading security camera provider, we provide you with integrated tools that are energy-efficient and safe.

For tips on how to better integrate your home’s electronic features, check out our recent blog post on the topic.

Consider Integration When Choosing Home Security Cameras

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to worry about thieves stealing our property. One way to put your mind at ease is by choosing home security cameras that meet your security needs.

Our monitoring plans ensure that your home is surveilled 24 hours a day. Our integrated security system allows you to keep watch over your property from the convenience of your smartphone or wireless device.

To learn more about how you can gain real-time access and control over your home’s systems, contact our team today.

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Let SmartHouse Integration Bring Automation and Innovation to Your Home

A smart house, where technology can be used to perform household tasks, is no longer something out of a science fiction movie. Homeowners and apartment dwellers alike have access to quick and easy devices and apps that allow them to control tasks with the click of a button. Seeing who is at your doorstep or what your dog is doing while you are away is now a possibility for most people.

Smart Houses Are Finally a Real Thing

With the science of smart technology in place, it did not take long for that science to expand the possibilities for high-end homeowners who want to access the best that technology has to offer. They want to have a fully integrated smart home where life is made simpler. It is no longer about plugging in a device. It is about designing a house that flows with ease due to the technology within it. Modern homeowners want the ability to hook up their smart devices in order to make daily tasks that much more convenient.

What Can You Do In a Smart House?

A smart house provides several offerings to homeowners. To name a few things: increased security, climate control, lighting, shades, and network/WiFi — and it can all be controlled from a master dashboard on your phone or tablet. Plus, customizability is a major feature of smart houses. Each of these pieces can be customized to your needs and specifications. The main benefit offered is the ability to map out your wants and needs and then orchestrate a plan to make that happen. In other words, you can design the technologically advanced home you’ve always dreamed of, right down to the automated toaster.

Integrating smart devices helps secure your home in addition to making things more convenient. You can connect a smartphone to a home camera wirelessly, allowing homeowners to monitor things when away at work or on a trip. Being notified of when an alarm goes off, knowing who is in your home, and more helps keep things secure.

Install Premium Entertainment Technology In Your Living Room

You can deck your smart house out with premium speaker systems from Bang & Olufsen, the acclaimed Danish audio company. Once you’re surrounded by high-quality surround-sound cinema speakers, movie nights at home are about to feel like you went to the theatre. When it comes to security, a fully connected smart house can use advanced automation interfaces like ELAN, which lets you hook up audiovisual devices to your smartphone, TV, or tablet so that you always know what’s happening inside your home. You can turn them on and off remotely and even take advantage of Numera Libris, a mobile personal emergency response system for when something’s gone wrong and you need help.

At the end of the day, having a smart house means you’re only limited by what your imagination can come up with. If you’re curious to find out what else you can get out of a smart house, contact us.

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premium sound system

Premium Sound Systems as Part of Home Automation

Are you considering upgrading your whole-house sound system? Like any other technology, sound systems become increasingly advanced as time goes on. In a contemporary automated home, a premium sound system is essential.

Here we consider the added benefits that a sound system as part of your home automation can bring, as well as identify the best manufacturers when it comes to high-quality, whole-house sound.

Remotely Controlled Sound System

Your smartphone, PC, or tablet could be used to control every aspect of the sound in your home. Whether you want to switch tunes, alter the volume, or enhance the bass, with a whole-house system, all the alterations to your sound can be completed on a device. It’s also possible to control your sound system when you’re on the move – if you want a specific tune playing when you arrive home, you can use your smartphone to adjust your home sound system wherever you are.

The Same Music in Every Room

Particularly when you’re entertaining, having the same tune playing in each room lets you set the party ambiance quickly and easily. With a high-grade system, the speakers are carefully placed in each room to get optimal results – this ensures great sound in every room.

Different Tunes in Each Room

If the children want one sort of music whilst you prefer the news or a different genre, an in-house system can accommodate your needs.

No Wires or Mess

Whole-house systems that are installed as part of an automated home are carefully installed in each room. Any wires or cables are concealed, and the speakers are often set into the walls to reduce clutter. The result is an awesome sound that plays as if by magic!

The inconspicuous nature of an automated, whole-house system makes it a perfect solution for beautifully decorated period properties, or minimalist interiors where tech needs to work perfectly, but invisibly.

Have Access to an Enormous Collection of Music

Using a high-quality sound system gives you access to a range of different streaming options, as well as the chance to stream the radio, a movie, or television. If you want a particular recording of a piece, you can usually get it using Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Deezer, or a similar option.

Settle for the Best

As authorized dealers for Bang & Olufsen, Smarthouse Integration have a good appreciation of the difference a premium sound system can make. We believe Bang & Olufsen provides a sound system of impeccable quality, that can be tailored to suit the needs of any home.

Contact us to find out more about the advantages a top-grade, whole-house sound system can bring to your automated home.

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smart blinds

8 Perfect Ways Smart Blinds Will Benefit Your Home Building Project

As smart homes are becoming increasingly popular, one feature on the rise is automated shades. This automated shading, also known as smart blinds, is an easy and convenient way to control your home and save energy. In fact, there are over 40 million smart homes in the United States, many of which utilize smart blinds.

Do you want to learn more about smart window blinds and their benefits? Keep reading this article to see how they can help your home building project!

1. Keeps Your Home Safe

One of the biggest benefits of having smart window blinds is that they keep your home safe in many different ways.

First, it can protect your home from burglary. Burglars often try to access your home while you are on vacation or out of town. However, when you have smart blinds, you can access the controls from wherever you are.

This means that you can open your blinds during the day and close them at night, giving the appearance that someone is home.

Another way that your home is safer with smart shades is that they can keep your children safe! Blind cords are very dangerous for children. In fact, in a span of 26 years, about 17,000 children were in the emergency room from injuries related to window blinds.

Because automated shades don’t have cords, they can prevent this from happening to your children.

2. Protects Privacy

Another benefit of these shades is that they protect your privacy. Especially when you live in an apartment complex or where you have neighbors who can see into your home, smart blinds are a great way to keep your home private.

You can time your blinds to shut at night to prevent people from seeing into your home or you can even close your blinds when you or your children get home from work or school.

If privacy is important to you, smart blinds can help you!

3. Convenient

One of the biggest benefits of having automated shading is that it is convenient. Especially when you live in a home with many windows and shades, it can take a long time to open and close each of your blinds each day.

With smart blinds, you can automatically have each set of shades in your home open and close whenever you want!

They are also more convenient because many models allow you to automate when you want your blinds opened and closed. This means they can automatically open in the mornings and automatically close when it starts to get dark.

You can even control them with the simple push of a button on your smartphone or by using your smart assistant. If you want a convenient way to keep your home running, these are great options!

4. Saves Energy

Smart blinds can also save you money on your energy bills. For example, some models can be set to automatically close when they sense intense heat from the sun. This can prevent your home from getting too hot and will take less energy to keep it cool in the summer.

5. Works With Other Aspects of Your Smart Home

If you have other smart home features in your house, adding smart blinds is an easy way to integrate these features. For example, if you have a smart thermostat in your home, the integration with your smart blinds can help determine when you should open or close your blinds.

This can help maintain the temperature of your home!

You can also integrate your smart blinds with your smart assistants. For example, you can simply tell them to open or close your blinds. This integration makes it easier than ever to open and close your blinds!

6. Protects Furniture

You can also protect your furniture inside your home when you have automated shades. If you have frequent and direct sun exposure on your furniture and decor, it can cause many issues! It can fade and discolor your furniture and may cause it to wear out more quickly.

When you have motorized window blinds, you can have them automatically close when sun exposure is at its peak to prevent the items inside your home from sun damage and fading.

7. Improves Sleep Quality

When you struggle with getting good sleep, there are many things that can help, including automated shades. They can be light-blocking to allow you to sleep in a darker room, rather than having to buy blackout curtains.

Not only can they help you fall asleep, but these blinds can also help you wake up naturally! If you set them to open in the early morning, you can wake up slowly as the sun rises and shines into your room.

This can help you sleep better and more peacefully.

8. Increases Home Value

Finally, adding smart home solutions can make your home worth more if you decide to sell. While each smart home feature can add different amounts of value, these smart shades are sure to be a good selling point for potential buyers!

Find Smart Blinds Today!

Smart blinds are a great investment for any home. Not only can they save energy and money in the long run, but they can also protect your home, your privacy, and even increase your home value. If you want to include automated shading in your home building project, it is vital that you find a reliable company to help.

SmartHouse Integration can help you with any of your smart home needs, including automated shades. If you want to learn more about our products and services, have any other questions, or want to learn more about the benefits of smart shades, contact our team today!

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home automation, peace of mind

Enjoy the Peace of Mind Home Automation Can Bring

Chances are, some parts of your property will already benefit from home automation. HVAC, for example, security, garage door operating systems, or blind controls are all examples of home automation. A home automation system is a coordinated system that integrates a wide range of home controls and operating processes in a single system.

Take a look at some of the benefits an integrated solution can bring, and how it can help you find peace of mind.

Single Point of Control

In an integrated home automation system, all your home’s systems can be controlled from your smartphone or another device. The system can be tailored to provide varying degrees of authorization to other users, enhancing the level of flexibility offered.

As new systems or appliances are installed, they can be added to the automation system, ensuring you always have control over what’s happening in your home.

Take Remote Control of Your Home

If you’re not around to take care of your property or have last-minute changes to your schedule, home automation enables property owners to run their home when they’re not in it. Everything from switching on the oven to adjusting curtains, lawn sprinklers, lighting, music, security, room temperature, and CCTV can be controlled and monitored from a smartphone.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy bills are always a consideration, for environmental and financial reasons. If you are eager to optimize energy efficiency in your home, automation is an excellent solution. For example, remote home automation control ensures that appliances are switched off when not in use, HVAC usage can be reduced when the property is empty, and appliances can be timed to operate at times of day when cheaper power tariffs are imposed.

Get More From Your Gadgets

An automated system includes smart appliances and gadgets. These respond to user data and preferences, pre-empting needs to make life better. If you’ve got high-end tech that you want to work harder for you, home automation provides the framework for this to happen.

Enhance Security (and Peace of Mind)

Automated security provides an integrated solution to security matters that’s easy to use and to live with. One of the challenges for any modern security measure is to make sure it doesn’t have too much impact on everyday household routines and movements.

Automated security overcomes this issue, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry at the same time as providing a flexible, responsive method of enhancing security systems of all levels of complexity.

There’s little doubt that home automation is here to stay. Contemporary home automation systems blend sophisticated, future-proof tech with easy operation, a high level of dependability, and a number of measurable benefits. Once installed a home automation system offers an integrated, focal point for all your smart systems, creating a dynamic, responsive management solution.

Get in touch with us to find out more about the benefits home automation could bring to your property.

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personal emergency response system pers

5 Signs You Need a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

Are you concerned that you or a loved one may not be able to remain at home due to health concerns? The latest Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) solutions may provide an elegant solution to the situation.

With the latest in home automation technology, help is only a button press or a voice command away. You can manage everything about your environment and give yourself peace of mind with simple but powerful services.

But is it time to take that step? Continue reading to find out if it’s time to invest in one of the incredible medical emergency repose systems available today.

Risk of Injury by Falling

If someone falls in their home without the ability to find help, that’s a dangerous and life-threatening situation.

Without a Medical Emergency Response System, you may not receive the help you need after becoming a part of these shocking statistics. According to the AARP, more than 1 in 3 people over 65 experience a slip and fall every year. As a result, more than 1.6 million seniors go to the hospital annually for fractures or other injuries.

Serious or Chronic Disease

As we age and more conditions add up, it may become difficult to manage daily needs. If your loved ones are concerned due to a strange pattern in your glucose levels, for example, a medical alarm can give everyone peace of mind. You can also find award-winning services that send medication reminders to provide added value.

Limited Access to Help

While your independence is precious to you, it’s also critical to assess how easily help can reach you in the event of an emergency. Depending on the circumstances, this may provide a way to keep your independence safely.

A personal medical alarm offers significantly more protection because help is only the push of a button away. Even if you can’t reach your cell phone or landline, you can request emergency services through a Personal Emergency Response System immediately.

Frequent Hospital Trips

If you’ve had to call 911 for an emergency in the past, giving information over the phone under duress can be difficult at best.

Medical alarms seniors use every day can call for help from professionals who already know their history. Whether you find yourself at the ER due to a chronic disease or a fall frequently, an option for aging in place safely becomes necessary.

Strong Preference to Remain at Home

If you or a loved one are insistent on staying at home regardless of health concerns, medical emergency response systems may provide a viable solution. Rely on a doctor’s expertise, but don’t discount the reliability and potentially conflict-saving solutions available.

Need a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)?

Did you recognize one or more signs that make you believe a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) is right for you or a loved one? Whether you’re concerned about chronic disease, falling, or heart disease, this solution may give you both independence and security for a lifetime.

As southwest Florida’s best system integration and home automation company, it’s our pleasure to serve. Contact us through our website or call 941-404-4470 to speak to one of our experts today!

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Ambient Assisted Living

How Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Helps Seniors Be Truly Independent

Aging in their own home is important for many seniors. For loved ones, respecting their wishes must be balanced with safety concerns.

Technology, through ambient assisted living, helps seniors remain in place while providing assurances to their loved ones that they are safe.

Read on to learn of the many ways AAL can provide a safer home environment.

What is Ambient Assisted Living?

The integration of technology into everyday life has changed the way day-to-day life functions. Some people consider this a negative, and not all advances are improvements.

Ambient Assisted Living offers many benefits with no real drawbacks. It uses smart devices, medical sensors, and software applications to make aging in place a reality for today’s seniors.

The ability to hold on to independence is important for seniors. Allowed to age in place, many older adults maintain mobility well into their senior years. Helping your loved ones stay in their home is a proven step toward happier and longer golden years.

How Technology Helps

Technology has progressed rapidly from medical sensors worn by the elderly. These sensors are used to call for help in the event of a fall or other emergency. While they still have their place, AAL has many other components.

It is easy to keep the home comfortable with a smart thermostat. You can check the temperature in the home via an app. This ensures your loved one is comfortable during extreme weather.

You can program smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to provide voice instructions. You can also program them to flash household lights when triggered, which is helpful for those with hearing loss.

As long as you download the app, you will receive information if the alarm activates. The app may provide additional information. You may be able to see if the alarm is due to smoke or carbon monoxide, and the specific alarm that triggered activation.

ALL technology allows you to program lights to come on and off in response to motion. This prevents stumbling to the bathroom in the dark. A smart stove allows you to check that burners are turned off through a downloaded app.

Keep your loved one safe by adding a video doorbell, smart locks, and smart lights around the exterior of the home.

Medical Sensors Are Still Important

Medical sensors have their place in the ALL-enabled home. Monitoring the home for safe conditions is important, but your loved one could slip unexpectedly and need help even in the safest situation.

Smart home integration should include a personal emergency response system that allows your loved one to automatically connect with you, another chosen individual, or emergency services at the touch of a button.

To work, the individual must keep their medical sensor with them and be able to use it. If you anticipate trouble with compliance or want to keep a closer eye on things, monitoring services provide around-the-clock peace of mind.

Security Is a Click Away

Ready to learn more? Contact us for more information on the options available for Ambient Assisted Living in your area.

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personal emergency response systems

Personal Emergency Response Systems: The Ultimate Guide

Did you know that falling once doubles your chances of falling again? This is a scary fact for individuals who live alone. Luckily, with emergency response systems automated into the home, anyone can get the medical help they need instantly.

Read our guide to personal emergency response systems.

The Risk

When someone lives at home alone, they are more likely to run into trouble that they may have difficulty handling themselves. For example, a small fall could cause big problems such as injury, and even death. When you live alone, it is recommended to have a personal emergency response system.

These systems can be included in home automation. Any time you need medical assistance, your home automation systems will be beneficial.

High-End Technology

Personal emergency response systems are high-end technology products that you can trust. When you have an emergency, it is important to have a product that you can rely on. For those who need high-end systems, you will feel safer with a personal emergency response.

These systems are especially beneficial to those with poor hearing and eyesight. These issues can cause slow reflexes that make a person more likely to get injured, even in their own home.

If you have a health condition like heart disease or diabetes, these home automation systems can make you feel safer. With a condition like this, you may run into emergencies. If you live alone, it’s important to have a way to contact medical help.

Provides Immediate Response

A personal emergency response system offers immediate professional health when a problem occurs. A lot of emergencies occur in the middle of the night, especially an emergency that happened because of a bad fall. At any time of day, you can receive help with your system.

Along with notifying medical professionals that there is a problem, your system can notify your loved ones.

Personal Emergency Response Systems Functions

There are different functions that your system could have. Not all systems are the same, so it is important to choose the one that works for your individual needs. Common functions you may opt for are:

  • Nightlight function
  • Sensors for fall control
  • Call button for emergencies
  • Electronics monitoring
  • First responder’s access
  • Temperature room control
  • Efficient air quality
  • Remote locking/unlocking access
  • Behavioral changes monitoring
  • Automatic lights
  • Reminders

A personal emergency response system is also beneficial for natural disasters. If there is a fire or flood, you can call for help right away. If you live alone, a home system can scare off a burglar.

Setting Up Your Home System

The many benefits of personal emergency response systems are enough to make anyone want to have one in their home. This guide works to provide those interested with knowledge on how they can use their automation system. When you are ready to add this system to your home, get help from professionals who know how to set it up.

For all of your questions regarding smart house technology, contact us today.

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personal emergency response system

3 Reasons to Get a Personal Emergency Response System

Medical emergencies can happen at any time when this happens it is good to have a system in place that will give off an alert. This is especially important if you live alone.

A personal emergency response system can save your life. It will help to get you the necessary medical help before it is too late.

If you are still on the fence about whether or not, you should get one to take a look at the benefits that you can expect.

1. Personal Emergency Response System Benefits

As mentioned before when you live alone you are at risk of not having anyone to respond to you should you feel ill or if there is a security risk. In order to prevent this from happening you should invest in a personal emergency response system.

Even if you live with a spouse if you are both elderly then it is best to have an emergency system in place. An injury may occur that affects both you and your partner. With an emergency system in place, you can be sure that someone will be there when you need assistance.

2. Mobility Issues

If you have mobility issues or are wheelchair-bound it is a good idea to have a personal emergency response system. Should you fall and can’t get up then this could end up being a life-threatening emergency.

Falls that make you unable to get up can have you on the floor for many hours and even days. If you have mobility issues and spend a lot of time alone then you should definitely have a personal response emergency system.

3. You Get an Immediate Connection

When you have a personal emergency response system you are able to connect with a live operator immediately to get help. When you call in they will be able to get quick access to your information.

This is because your medical history is available in the database that is connected to the system. Since information is so readily available it is easier for an emergency response team to start giving you proper medical treatment immediately.

This is one of the major benefits of having this system in place.

Get Protected

You now know some of the major benefits of getting a personal emergency response system. Having one will make it easier for you to stay safe when you have a medical emergency.

A medical emergency can be life-threatening and if you do not have a system in place to protect you. You could end up in a situation where you are stuck for hours and days without help.

These systems are especially beneficial to the elderly who live alone and to those who have mobility issues that limit their ability to help themselves in an emergency.

If you would like more information about these personal emergency systems. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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